75 degrees: let the flooring begin.

As you participate in the construction process, you begin to understand how many things you can’t accomplish until you’ve accomplished something else first.  It’s really exciting to see the stuff happen that can happen concurrently.  Some days last month were positively a beehive of activity.  Now that most things are done, you being to discover the number of things that are waiting around for other things to happen before we can even consider them.  The floor, for example.  It turns out that the warranty on the flooring is voided if you don’t let the flooring acclimate for three days in the building, between 65 and 85 degrees.  This, of course, means the building has to first arrive at 65 to 85 degrees, which requires air conditioning, which in turn requires power, for which you’ll need a transformer, for which you’ll need a number of days in a row during monsoon season during which not so much stuff blows down that requires the entire staff of TEP to repair it.  We’re here.  She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.

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