no rest(rooms) for the weary

tile time: the early stages of our restrooms

I hate to generalize, but again, there are distinct divisions between the personalities of the numerous trades working on this project.  The plumbers: gregarious fellows.  they’re in and out multiple times throughout the process, take pride in their work, and are happy to chat it up.  Painters:  serious but engaging.  Electricians: cautious but friendly; it’s taken them a while to interact, but they seem to regard me as a mostly harmless Jane Goodall-type.  Floor tilers: a tight crew, but quiet.  They don’t talk much, even amongst themselves, though I do think the occasional whispers amongst them are cracks about the plumbers having to redo the drains.  The wall tilers: two very weary-looking men who don’t smile and pretend they don’t hear me when I ask them how they’re doing.  I think they were put out by the one (of two) mosaicists that I dragged in while they were working yesterday.

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