hole-y moley, part II

electrical lines are coming in here

I have no idea what this one is even for

I couldn’t even fit all the new digging into one post.  If there’s no post tomorrow, I probably fell into one of these.  The stress is so that I may even choose to just hide in one.  The bathroom tile order came in short, and the flooring for the dining room needs to acclimate in air conditioning, in the space, for three days (no fair keeping it in the AC somewhere else and moving it- that voids the warranty).  The catch: we don’t have power yet.  Not even a transformer.  So we need that to get the power turned on, so we can air-condition the flooring, so we can install it in time.  Anybody who likes Feast work for TEP?  There’s a dinner in it for you if you can get our power on by the end of the week.

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