we’re exhausted

for a few dollars more, you can have pointy exhaust fans

I want to say this:  Development Services has gone out of its way (or is it their way?) to work with us on this whole project.  It’s been a new experience, and far, far better than my past experiences with Development Services.  I still have a recurring dream where I’m throttling a guy who will remain unnamed, but who was working, or I should say, “working” at the Structural counter in 2001.   Nine years later, they’ve been great in my dealings with them.  Still, there are vestiges of D.S. Past, mostly around code.  You may recall that the code necessitated a grease trap that is 75 times the size of our current grease trap even though the restaurant is not even twice the size of where we are now.  Likewise with our exhaust fans.  We can’t have  regular exhaust fans because of our proximity to our neighbor, Discount Tire, whose legal department features another man about whom I have a recurring throttling dream.

So we have these very directional exhaust fans, again at great additional expense, but they sure do look cool.  But we are exhausted.

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