Gathering momentum. Kind of.

The whacky front of Feast

It’s looking pretty sharp over at the new location.  The exterior framing’s done and our plumber friends have begun  moving things along inside.  Last week’s progress appeared dramatic, but mostly because it’s so visible from the street.  This week, all the progress will happen either in the great indoors, or in the great back yard.  But as you’re driving by and thinking to yourself that it looks more or less the same since the last time you looked, know that there are other bits of progress happening as well.  The interior framing is nearly complete and the plumbing looks pretty sharp at this point.

The engine room: plumbing for the coffeemaker that will keep Feast running.

With the plumbing in for the coffeemaker, we know that at the very least the staff will be alert and ready for any turn of events in the new space.

the private dining room

Tomorrow, we walk through with the people who’ll install phone lines, computer lines, prewire for music, a projector and screen for your private dining room needs, and prewire for cameras, should we decide that we need them.

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