Takeout & Delivery

With all dine-in restaurants in Tucson currently closed, we’ll still be offering our entire menu for takeout, but that menu will change earlier than normal so we can shift to something that’s takeout friendly.

So we’re back to our carryout roots.

Please order by phone at (520) 326-9363. We’ll get the new menu up and running as soon as we possibly can and have it posted for you to order for curbside pickup. We’re about to meet to discuss how we can give delivery responsibilities to as many of our staff as possible rather than farming it out to delivery services, and when we have that figured out we’ll let you know that as well.

We’re going to shrink our hours somewhat, asking you to make your orders by 7:30 so that we can get them out and shut down by 8 pm each night. We know your email box is already likely stuffed with COVID-19 emails, but we’ll keep you apprised of what’s going on over here. We hope that by shutting it down now, we can all avoid what’s going on elsewhere in the world with complete and total shutdowns of cities, and of countries. Thanks to all those of you who’ve written or come by or called to order and show your support.

Be well and for updates, please subscribe to our email list.

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