Putting more hours in your Happy Hour this summer!

Kind Patrons of Feast,

Happy hour has historically been a hard one for us. Our bar isn’t in a separate room, and in Tucson, theatre, symphony, ballet, opera, and movies? Well, they all start at 7:00, which means that a traditional happy hour would have us turn away dinner guests to accommodate happy hour guests, which in turn would run Feast into the ground, financially speaking. So we don’t offer a happy hour during season.

It turns out, however, that cultural activities dry up and blow away in the summer months, which means we can offer happy hour without turning anyone away. Happy hour, therefore, begins with the June menu, this coming Tuesday, and it’s a nice little bargain, in my humble opinion: two drinks (anything $10 or less on the list) and two snacks (any appetizers or side dishes on the menu)for two ten-spots (plus tax and gratuity.) I know if I weren’t working, I’d take advantage of it.

And what’s more, it may only go until 6 pm, but it starts the minute we open the door, so if you have few enough responsibilities to enjoy a decadent lunch, well, the choice is yours. One caveat: we reserve the right to restrict our happy hour deal to the bar area when we’re busy. Thanks for understanding, and we’ll see you soon.

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