The end of the wine sale you’ve been wondering about

Yes, everyone, we’re moving.  and in an effort to move less wine, later, we’re trying to move more now.  This means we’ll be having a wine sale.  Take a peek.  The link lists most of the wines we’ll have on sale, but we may throw caution to the wind and add some more.  The wines will be 30% off (that’s wholesale, everyone.  It’s like having a cousin in the business), so what better time than now to stock your cellar?  And a number of wines will be available for as much as  50% off.  You’ll find stickers on the bottles indicating your deal, but the list you see before you indicates regular retail pricing, so you can count on buying your wine for at least 30% less than the price on the list.  There are a few ground rules, however:

  • It’s first come, first served; we can’t set aside any goodies for you to pick up later.
  • the sale applies to off-premise wine (and spirits and beer) only; anything you choose to enjoy at Feast will be its normal price, which we would remind you is already significantly below what you’d pay at most restaurants (example: 2006 Beaux Freres “Beaux Freres Vineyard” Pinot Noir at Feast, $104; the same wine at another Tucson restaurant which will remain nameless, $168.)
  • The sale begins on Wednesday, September 1, and ends when we move, whenever that turns out to be.

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