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3719 E Speedway, Tucson
Tuesday - Saturday 11am-9pm/Sunday 10am-9 pm

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“The food was a huge hit — people were still complimenting it yesterday evening, at the last of the “marathon” of wedding events! Thank you so much,
L”  (delivered unstaffed rehearsal dinner for 30) June 2010

“We have received very positive feedback!!! You guys did an amazing job! The food was fantastic, the presentation beautiful, the staff very attentive and courteous – you all worked very well together especially with the last minute changes and too many peopletelling you what to do. You and Doug have been wonderful to work with and I hope we can continue to do so in the future. I’ll be sure to throw your name out to people. J” (fully staffed dinner buffet for 350 people at a symposium) March 2010

“What a night! And the rave revues are still pouring in. For this of course, I have you to thank along with your talented allies. Such a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the next time. With much admiration, CM.” (fully staffed engagement hors d’oeuvres and dessert party for 60) April 2010

“Please accept [our] accolades for a wonderful “feast” on Saturday night. The transition from your kitchen to ours was seamless.

Everyone at Feast played a role in this event and we really can’t thank you enough! I raved about all of you at my sales meeting this morning at ________ and answered a lot of questions from some [people] who were not familiar with your services. A few, however, that have either eaten at the restaurant or have used you in some capacity backed up my stories and sang your praises along with me.

What [we] felt truly separated Feast on Saturday night from other restaurants we have used was the freshness and multiple flavors blended among the various dishes. I only wish now I had taken some cards or advertisement for the restaurant because I think many of the guests went home thinking it was a home-cooked affair. To me that is a huge compliment given my love and respect for the complexities of cooking.

Please pass our compliments on to the entire staff….even the very friendly and helpful staff that met us at your front door Sunday morning when we returned the serving dishes, etc. Everyone/thing is “top shelf” and we look forward to becoming an even bigger fan of Feast in the future. Thanks again,
MS” (pick-up dinner for 35) September 2009

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