New Location

When we moved from our original to our current location in 2010, we kept you posted along the way.

put a lid on it, part I

For the past few weeks, we and our guests have been treated to a delightful quirk on our way in the front door, and nothing whets the appetite quite like the noxious vapors of rancid grease warmed by the Arizona sun emanating from a grease trap .  So far, the lids to the grease trap have […]

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nothing sparkles like a shining star

I have a wild-eyed look most days lately, and I did the other day when the gentleman on this card approached me.  “Mr. Doug,” he said, “I was just next door talking to Mr. Ed (who I presume was Ed from SWS and not a talking horse) and he suggested I come and see you.  […]

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better sheds and gardens

The shed’s not only been moved, but given a fresh coat of paint, the old-fashioned way.  No fancy paint sprayers for me; just the rhythmic zen of a paintbrush, like Tom Sawyer, except there was no one to trick into painting it for me.  My wife came and visited, but she was too smart to […]

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It’s hard to see in these photos, but we’re pigeon-proofed now.  Andy was up on the roof Thursday, making Feast an unattractive space for the occasional wayward pigeon who strays from the neighboring billboard, screening any open spaces in.  And since the billboard is slated to come down next year, I know there’ll be a […]

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can you draw this turtle? you may be able to earn an engineering degree by mail!

Yesterday the booster pump arrived, and $2700 later, our dishwasher runs about 4 degrees hotter (Fahrenheit).  I can’t say I’m overly excited.  The plumbers and electricians who rooted around for an available circuit throughout the ceiling in the kitchen suggested a recirculation pump for the entire building, which makes me start wondering about what kind […]

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button up your overcoat

The first time our lot was seal coated, there were a few dings and scratches that got missed, so my seal coat buddy Ernie came back out the other day to redo it.  He even painted out a stripe so people would leave access to the SWS parking lot.

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my relationship with new technology

Two weeks ago, which in restaurant opening time feels like 7-10 months ago, a guy came out from Open Table and loaded up a computer for us.  Over the course of an hour and a half, he explained to us pretty much everything this system can do, with three of us watching over his shoulder, […]

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never trust a line cook

  So this is a little quirky:  I was unpacking the office this morning and discovered a bunch of applications clipped together.  Here’s one that caught my eye, and I’ll tell you why: the name on the application (I’ll call it “The Application,”) was familiar to me.  The name on The Application was the same […]

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