listen for who’s working

back in black: you won't hear it on their radio, but the painters got this done in a day

it's hard to see, but he's smiling

The walls are nearly finished, paint-wise, except for a few touch-ups.  I’ll say this about the painters:  they’re a serious bunch.  That’s not bad at all, mind you- I like a focused person working on Feast.  But you can tell who’s working on the building without looking by other, seriousness-related cues.  When the electricians are working, for example, the radio dial invariably ends up on HOT 98 FM.  Those guys like their R & B/ hip-hop music.  The drywallers? 102.1 La Caliente de Tucson.   The painters, however, are strictly an NPR bunch.  It makes me think of the Feast kitchen.  Prep and lunchtime line cooks: La Caliente; Catering: NPR; Mike and Vic, against the will of the rest of the kitchen staff, have created something called Country and Western Wednesday, which for some reason actually occurs on Thursday, but is still called Country and Western Wednesday.

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