The return of the Summer Six-pack. And the corkage waiver.

Hello, Feastlings.

Those of you help help us populate Tucson in the summer months know that fewer people in town means we have to create more reasons for you to get out of the house and eat, but we also need to create reasons for you to shop.  Oftentimes, putting together a 12-bottle case of wine to garner our 10% case discount can become prohibitive, so from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we’ll be offering a 10% discount on any six bottles of wine, mix and match, that aren’t already on sale.  What’s more, you can feel free to grab a bottle on sale to help get you to six bottles, so even though there’s no further discount, it’s still a building block toward savings.  It’s the perfect way to taste a small assortment of wines and decide what best to use to fill your fridge for the ensuing four or five months.

The other wine deal we offer in the summer is this:  you may or may not know how our wine list works, but all of the wines on our list are priced at a standard retail markup plus a modest $12 corkage, as opposed to the more common restaurant practice of marking wines up two times, three times, or even more.  (Wines you buy to take home don’t get charged corkage.)  So our wines are something of a bargain, but what we hope to accomplish is giving you a better and more affordable wine-drinking experience in the restaurant is make up for what we don’t charge you by selling you wine to take with as well.  If we sell more volume, we don’t need to mark the wines up as much.  In the interest of offering another summer deal and making a good deal even better, in that same Memorial Day to Labor Day window, if you buy a bottle of wine in the restaurant and like it enough to buy another to take home, we’ll waive the corkage on the first bottle, so both bottles are at the lower retail price.  So go ahead and fall in love with that wine and take another bottle home.  That love will knock $12 off your tab.

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