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This Saturday’s wine tasting: The Priority is Priorat.

Saturday, April 21st
2:00 PM

Hello, Feastlings.

While Rioja is the name that people immediately recognize when it comes to Spanish wine, we at Feast are invariably fond of the wines of Priorat.  Dominated by Garnacha- the Spanish name for Grenache- these wines are rich and fruit-driven, but reflect a diversity of characters: plump and juicy; soft and dusty; bold and gutsy.  This Saturday at 2:00, our mutual friend Kevin opens up four different Priorats, each reflective of a different style but all reflective of the overarching character of Priorat.  The tasting is only $10 plus tax and tip, and there’ll be light snacks and a light-hearted spirit as you explore these delicious wines.  If you’d like to join us, please do make your reservation by phone at 326-9363, since web and email reservations won’t guarantee you a seat at the tasting.  See you Saturday.

The Priority is Priorat.

2014 Noster “Inicial” Priorat DOQ

2015 Casa del Gran Siurana “GR-174” Priorat DOQ

2015 Clos del Portal “Negre de Negres” Priorat DOQ

2014 Vall Lach “Embruix” Priorat DOQ

Ken Wright Cellars wine dinner with Asa Sarver

Tuesday, April 24th
6:30 PM

Hello, Feastlings.

Time was, in the not-so-distant past, Feast would be lucky to score a six-pack of any of Ken Wright’s single-vineyard wines.  Since Ken Wright hung out his winemaking shingle (for the third time) at his eponymous winery- after making wine at Talbott in the Santa Lucia Highlands and starting Panther Creek in the Willamette Valley- Ken Wright has been focused on making Pinot Noir that’s reflective of its origin.  His single-vineyard Pinots are the stuff of legend, and now we’re at the point at which Arizona rates enough to get a quantity of these wines, and Feast rates enough that we get a crack at more than a six-pack of them.
To celebrate, we’ve sweet-talked Ken Wright Cellars’ Asa Sarver into joining us to give you the details on five exceptional single-vineyard wines from Ken Wright, and we’re pairing the wines with dishes tailor-made to each one.  Yes, this dinner steps it up to special occasion status and is, comparatively to our other dinners, priced accordingly.  That said, the chance to taste five of these wines alongside food designed with the wines in mind is worth the price of admission.  And what’s more, you’ll be offered a discount on the extremely small quantities of these wines available to us, in spite of their scarcity.  Want to learn more about Ken Wright?  Here’s a link to the Wine Spectator’s cover story on him from a couple of years back:


Want to join us for the dinner?  Call us at 326-9363 and grab your seat while you can.  This dinner will most certainly sell out, and web and email reservations will not guarantee you a seat.


Ken Wright Cellars wine dinner with Asa Sarver

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
6:30 pm

Juniper-cured pork tenderloin and pain d’épices.
2015 Ken Wright Cellars “McCrone Vineyard” Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton

Seared provolone cheese with roasted and green strawberries, escargots, honey and flowers.
2016 Ken Wright Cellars “Freedom Hill” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Grilled flatiron steak with fiddleheads, morel mushrooms, laurel butter and spinach flan.
2016 Ken Wright Cellars “Guadalupe” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Savory dark cocoa roulade with keemun tea filling, brined and roasted duck breast,
and fava beans.
2016 Ken Wright Cellars “Shea Vineyard”
Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton

Sautéed New Zealand King salmon with cherry-glazed Swiss chard
and an anise seed risotto fritter.

2015 Ken Wright Cellars “Carter Vineyard”
Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills

A little something sweet for dessert

$160 inclusive of tax and tip

This month’s Last Sunday wine tasting: a romp around Italy with Greg Croisetiere

Sunday, April 29th
3:30 PM

Hello, Feastlings.

Say what you will about France’s contribution to the world of wine (and you’ll justifiably say quite a bit,) the Franks and the Gauls weren’t exactly renowned for their viticulture.  Wine came to France from its neighbor to the south.  We’d guess you’re okay with that, since the only sort of tasting that seems to draw you people to join us as much as the French tastings are the Italian ones.  Well, you’re in luck.  This month, the Last Sunday of the Month Tasting features Greg Crosetiere of Classico wines, and he’ll have with him red, white and pink wine from the land of his own cultural heritage.  If you’d like to join us at the tasting on Sunday, April 29 at 3:30, you’ll need to make a reservation, the old-fashioned way, since web and email reservations won’t guarantee you a place at the tasting.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: Call us at 326-9363 and make a reservation; bring $35.00 plus tax and tip; bring an appetite for wine, food pairings and knowledge; show up at the appointed hour and have fun; maybe take home a bottle or ten if you find something special.  We hope you’ll join us.

A romp around Italy with Greg Croisetiere


NV Le Contesse Pinot Nero Rose Brut, Veneto                                                                                            $15.00

Bright pink color, fruity notes with a touch of berries and tropical fruit. Floral bouquet, with a hint of rose and violet. Fine and long-lasting perlage, fresh and persistent.


2015 Inama Soave “Foscarino” DOC                                                                                                         $30.00

Intense yellow color. On the nose there is honey of sweet field flowers such as chamomile, elder flower, iris. Large and mineral on the palate with a finish of sweet almond.

2012 Stefano Farina “Le Brume” Langhe Rosso DOC (Nebbiolo/Barbera) DOC                                  $18.00

This is a rather sophisticated wine, obtained through a wine making process of well matured grapes. Aged in French barriques (oak casks) it acquires a touch of elegance, and it is left to rest for long periods in the bottle before being placed on the market. It is best served with meat dishes. Wine of great complexity with notes of large and small red fruits (from cherry to currant), black fruits (blueberry and other berries). Spicy lavours due to its passage in wood. Great softness and volume at taste, pleasant tannic with a very light hint of bitterness at the end (pleasant and characteristic).

2012 Stefano Farina Barbera d’Alba “Silenzio” DOC                                                                                  $33.00

This superb wine is the typical Barbera which however undergoes a lengthy aging in French oak casks (Allier and Vosges) and reflects the tradition of the aristocratic Piedmont wines. It is a strong, generous and full bodied wine. Hints of black and red fruits, with notes of vanilla. On the palate the tannins integrate volume and softness.


2011 Fontanabianca Barbaresco “Bordini” DOCG                                                                                       $59.00

Single-vineyard Barbaresco from the Nieve. Intense nose, with hints of violets and spices. Amazing aromas of ripe, plummy fruit, Indian spice and flowers. Full-bodied and very concentrated, with amazing tannins and super-ripe fruit.


2012 Fanti Brunello di Montalcino DOCG                                                                                                     $65.00

On the nose, notes of red fruit with clear perfumes of licorice, spices and pepper well balanced with the primary aromas. Intense and enveloping.  On the palate, there’s a pleasant sweetness on the attack,  well balanced by the fresh and persistent finish. The tannins are thick but round and well integrated into the body of the wine.