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Feast - Dining

Our carryout Thanksgiving menu- order by Sunday, November 19th, and all you’ll have to do is heat up Thanksgiving dinner.

Dear Feastlings,

While we’re closed on Thanksgiving itself, we’re offering, as we do each year, an assortment of Thanksgiving treats for you to pick up with heating instructions the day before.  Whether you just hate making gravy  or you don’t want to roast a whole turkey for just a couple of people, or if you want a little bit of everything, you can call us and we’ll have your Thanksgiving food ready for you, complete with heating instructions, on Wednesday the 22nd.  The menu is here:

A reason to be thankful….

Place your order by Sunday, November 19 & we’ll have your dinner waiting with reheating instructions on Wednesday, November 22. Then heat it up, relax and enjoy your day without spending it in the kitchen.

Turkey breast, brined, roasted and sliced
$13.50/ lb
Turkey legs and thighs, brined and roasted
$11.50/ lb
Mashed Potatoes
$4.50/half pint   $8.00/pint
$4.50/half pint   $7.00/ pint
Giblet Gravy
$4.50/half pint   $7.50/ pint
Sage & Celery Stuffing
$4.00/ half pint   $7.50/ pint
Fennel and Sausage stuffing
$4.25/ half pint..$8.00/ pint
Winter Squash Stew with spinach, sweet potato puree and candied hazelnuts
$17.50/ entrée serving
Roasted Beets, walnuts, grapes, rosemary
and Bleu cheese
$4.50/half pint   $8.50/ pint
Brussels sprouts, sunchokes, and pancetta
tossed with whole-grain mustard
$5.50/ half pint   $9.50/ pint
Scalloped Russet & Sweet Potatoes with Parmesan
Five-spice cranberry sauce
$4.50/half pint   $8.50/pint
Dinner rolls
75¢/ each
The whole nine yards
$36.00/ per person
Includes~ turkey breast or dark meat, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, five-spice cranberry sauce,  green beans, roll and pumpkin pie (no substitutions, please)
Pumpkin Pie
$5.50/slice   $34/ whole
Bourbon-Pecan pie
$6.50/slice   $37/ whole

Call 520.326.9363 to order.

Happy Thanksgiving from Feast.

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