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Ferragosto- special menu and no corkage on Italian wines

Hello, Feastlings.

We and our guests had enough fun on Bastille Day that we thought it would only be fitting to give Italy equal time.  Since their Independence Day- Liberation Day- is April 25th, and we’re too busy with other matters in April (plus we really hadn’t thought of doing an event until shortly after Bastille Day,) we thought it best to celebrate the holiday that pretty much everyone in Italy celebrates: Ferragosto.  While it coincides with the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, you might note that the name Ferragosto really means the fair/feast of (the emperor) Augustus.  You know, the one August is named after.  For those of you unaware, Italy fairly empties itself of Italians in August.  There’s a quip that Florentines make that all you’ll find in Florence in the month of August are dogs and German tourists, whom they regard more or less as equals, though they will admit that at least a German tourist has a wallet.  In any case, Ferragosto itself, the day around which everyone begins vacation plans, is on August 15th.  So here it is, a handful of Italian dishes offered up to you simply, on August 15, this coming Tuesday.  And to make it even more enticing, we’re waiving the corkage on every Italian bottle in the house.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a wine deal like that at any restaurant in town.  We suggest a reservation- give us a buzz at 326-9363- so you’re sure to get a sedere.  The menu is simple, but the Italians have long proven that simple cooking with the best ingredients you can find is a pretty sure bet.  We hope you’ll join us.

Ferragosto menu at Feast

Tuesday, August 15

Prosciutto e Melone~ Dirty Girl Cantaloupe wrapped in San Daniele Prosciutto and served over frisée with extra virgin olive oil.

Linguine alla Carbonara~ Linguine pasta tossed with pancetta, Parmesan cheese and a farm egg.

Papparedelle alla Bolognese~ House-made papparedelle pasta with a ragú of ground beef, tomatoes and aromatic vegetables.

Osso Buco alla Milanese~ Braised veal shank, served over saffron risotto with gremolata and sautéed green beans. §§

Tiramisú~ Classic dessert of coffee-soaked lady finger cookies with mascarpone and shaved chocolate.

No corkage on any Italian wines on the list.

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